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Hotel Pramstraller Mayrhofen

Hotel with long tradition of hospitality

Experience hospitality in Zillertal

The hotel was originally built in 1978 by Friedrich Pramstraller and opened in 1980. His son, Hermann Pramstraller, took over the business in 2000 and is supported with the active help of many family members.

Bettina, Hermann's wife, is responsible for reception. Her pride and passion is the hotel garden and decorations in the hotel. She is of course always on hand with a willing ear for our guests and employees.

Their son, Patrick, has been involved in the family business since 2008. A talented allrounder - he can be found mingling with the guests, as well as organising things behind the scenes.

Stefanie, Patrick's girlfriend, has been working at the reception in the family business since April 2022. As a supporting force in the back office for reservations and marketing, as well as in the front office directly with the guest.

Many renovations have been made over the years, such as the La Vita restaurant, guest garden, merging of the two buildings, renovation of the rooms, renovation of the entrance area and reception, with further improvements still in the pipeline.

The original Pramstraller parental home is on Mayrhofen main street, directly opposite the church.

Restaurant La Vita Mayrhofen

quiet & comfortable

Der Traum vom Baum

The dream of a tree

A symbol of perpetuity

The logo of Hotel Pramstraller in Mayrhofen is a tree, a universally recognised symbol that is associated exclusively around the globe with positive values such as vitality, relaxation and joie de vivre.

The roots of the tree go deep into the origins of this Tyrolean family business and provide the foundations of a solid starting point for guests from all over the world. The treetops, on the other hand, reach both proverbially and figuratively for the stars and represent the countless adventures that are just waiting to be discovered in the Tyrolean mountains.

Another inspiration for the profound symbol of a tree was, not least, the unique guest garden at Hotel Pramstraller. After all, the enormous care taken in its maintenance and the huge variety of plants it contains, reflect the type of care that every one of the many hotel guests can look forward to during their stay.


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